Unforgettable Teacher, My lifetime Hero..

Posted on: November 5, 2010

“Teacher is someone who left a footprint on your life”.

This is my favorite quote about teacher. According to me, teacher is very important person in my life. Why? Because they give me not only knowledge but also love and experience in my life. Every people have their favorite teacher, as well as me. Probably there are many teachers teach me since elementary school until senior high school, but only one person that left the biggest footprint in my heart.


She is my teacher in senior high school. Everyone always call her Bu Dwi. She is only an ordinary teacher but for me she is my hero. Actually I don’t really close with her because I’m not type of student who can get closer with their teacher. I am very shy person at that time. I also very quiet student in the class, that’s why though I have more knowledge than another students but there is no teacher could see my ability. But she is different, she could see my potency. She said that, “Rita, you are very smart but you are very silent, come on speak up, I know you have more abilities than other, show them!” She always asks me to join English competition though I am not really interested on it. She is never giving up making me to be a confident student. Therefore, gradually I begin to be an active student in her class. I like her smile when I shared my opinion with others and it is very precious for me.


She is the first teacher who ever explain about multiple intelligences in the class. She never judges a student stupid because they got a bad mark in English lesson.  She knows that those students have ability in another lesson. She also applied active learning method in our class. She always focus on students who not really good at English and she always ask me and my friends who has more ability in English lesson to teach another students. Her lesson always leaves meaningful experience for us.

Actually I declare that she is my hero because without her suggestion maybe I will not study in SSE now. At that time, my counseling teacher (Guru BK) told us that there was scholarship info from SSE but she only gave registration form for the best student in the school, who is my close friend.  I want to join the selection but she didn’t give me the form, because she said that she only had one registration form.  I was almost giving up at the moment but Bu Dwi came to me and printed the registration form for me, she wanted me to join the selection. She said, “I’m sure you will pass the test and get that scholarship” and I believed her. So, this is the result, I study in SSE now. My friend, who is the best student in my school, was failed on the second test. I really thanks to Bu Dwi, if she could not see my ability, maybe I’ll stuck in my “silent” world.  Thanks God you make me meet a sincere teacher like her. From now on, I’ll put the best effort in every single thing that I do. I’ll prove that your (Bu Dwi) vision which is said I have more ability than I think is true.  Thank you, Bu Dwi, You are the most memorable teacher in my life. ^^


6 Responses to "Unforgettable Teacher, My lifetime Hero.."

I dedicated this post especially for Bu Dwi,, ^0^

I pretty sure that one of the obligation for teacher in this century is be able to see something which is invisible in their students. If not, they will lost “a life gold”. Unfortunately, we, as teacher candidate, has to put this responsibility on our shoulder. Can we do that? The answer is absolutely yes. Give my greeting to your teacher, ‘ta.

woowww your teacher is very great. actually I am also like you. I am difficult to be closer with others (in that time).. but, being teacher like her will make me be brave to be closer, I think… because she is care with us 🙂
But, i did not find teacher like that 😦

wow, a touching story rita. bu dwi was the one who believed in you when you doubted yourself.

btw, from my observation in this course, i think you have shown yourself that you are on the right track to be a great teacher. it feels natural when you practice teaching. you should have a stronger belief in yourself about your own capability.

Bu Dwi???? i know her….
she teach in my school…..But,it isn’t in senior high school but,in elementry school….
What’s her full name????

Yazanda asagda tercumesin verin zehmet olmasa.

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